The Sioux Falls Quilters Guild has been bringing quilters together for over 30 years. In addition to monthly meetings, members stay in touch with a newsletter, The Patchworder .

The club knows it’s important to mail paper copies to members who prefer print, so it offers The Patchworder in both electronic and print formats. The editor – a volunteer – is responsible for creating and sending both versions. The physical task of printing and mailing the newsletter was taking time away from the more important task of composing an informative and enjoyable newsletter.

Click2Mail to the rescue! Working with Click2Mail has allowed the editor to focus on the content of the newsletter, rather than the mechanics of distribution.

How working with Click2Mail helps

Saves money: The Sioux Falls Quilters Guild spends less on printing and mailing with Click2Mail than they did on their own. This helps keep dues low, which makes it easier to attract and retain members.

Saves time: Click2Mail’s comprehensive service has freed up the editor’s time for creative tasks. Her total time commitment is also lower, which will make the position more attractive when it’s time to recruit a new volunteer editor.

Keeps it simple: Click2Mail is easy to use, which makes the whole newsletter project more enjoyable for the current editor, and will reduce intimidation for any new editor or assistant.

Keeps it prompt: Click2Mail prints The Patchworder immediately and gets it in the mail the next business day!

The Newsletter Project

Editor K. Jons collects stories, ideas and photographs from Guild members and composes the newsletter on Microsoft Publisher. Click2Mail’s templates provide guidance on making the document print-ready.

Jons logs into Click2Mail’s Mailing Online Pro, where she selects “Flyer 8.5 x 11” and uploads the pdf she exported from Publisher. Click2Mail standardizes her Excel mailing list, so she can easily see if any addresses fail to meet automation standards for mailing and postage discounts (because of inaccuracy or incompleteness).

Click2Mail provides a proof of the newsletter, which allows Ms. Jons to see how photos and layout will look in print.  This helps her produce a polished publication. After she accepts the proof, the newsletter is printed and mailed the next day.

The club pays by automatic ACH transfer from its checking account. Ms. Jons says that not having to set up monthly financial transactions adds another level of ease for her as editor.

To learn more about how Click2Mail and EDDM can help your business, please contact our Click2Mail Customer Support team at 866-665-2787 or visit us at  Our customer support hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 8 PM Eastern.