If you haven’t yet moved over to our improved new platform, you might be missing out on some of the newest and best features that Click2Mail has to offer. It is important to us that our customers have the best experience possible when using our services. With that in mind, we are proud to showcase the top ten ways that you can get more out of the Click2Mail experience simply by switching to MOL Pro today.

10. By switching to MOL Pro, you get all the great features that you have grown to love from MOL Classic, NCOA, CASS and a presort discount for qualifying pieces at a lower per piece production cost!

9. Our brand new Printers Choice cardstock paper for 4.25X6 and 5X8 postcards, a cost-effective way to experiment with color in your next postcard mailing, is only available in MOL Pro!

8. MOL Pro has a more user-friendly editor than our older platform, which makes it easier to get exactly the product that you want every time. Bonus fact: we’ve added 20 new fonts to the MOL Pro editor.

7. Tons of tutorial videos are available to help you get started with MOL Pro and to learn your way around the new software. Find them on the Click2Mail YouTube Channel.

6. Same-as-a-Stamp postcards are only available in MOL Pro. You can personalize, print, and mail postcards for the same price you would have paid just to buy a stamp and we do the work for you. These 3.5X5 postcards are a great way to get started using direct mail, send a quick reminder to a group, or send coupons to your best customers. All for the price of a First-Class postcard stamp, you get a totally customized postcard that’s printed and mailed for you the very next day.

5. Schedule a one-on-one session for extra help! One-on-one sessions with a Click2Mail representative can be easily requested for yourself or your whole group if you have difficult or questions moving to MOL Pro. Just call 866-665-2787 or visit us at https://click2mail.com/contact-us-support to set up your session.

4. Need help moving your documents from Classic over to MOL Pro? https://click2mail.com/contact-us-support or call us and we will even do it for you! It really can’t be any easier to get started today. 

3. Now with MOL Pro, you can schedule you mailing out as much as 120 days in advance. Imagine only having to think about your mailings once every quarter and automating them in advance.

2. You can integrate MOL Pro into you website or app by using one of our powerful APIs, gaining access to advanced features plus getting the basics like IMb (Intelligent Mail barcode) tracking, CASS™ and NCOA™ address cleansing, and one, three, and seven day production for advanced production discount structures. An API is perfect for integrating postal mail into your Web, Mobile and Mailroom Automation application.

1. All new product offers will be there. Like our new portrait postcard layout option  is only available in MOL Pro. So, when you ever want to choose a new product in the future – and we have some great ideas that you will want to see—they will only be available in MOL Pro. Don’t miss out!

Come on over to MOL Pro today to get started with the amazing updates. You won’t want to miss out! Need help getting started? Contact our Customer Service Support at 866-665-2787 or visit us at https://click2mail.com/contact-us-support.