That’s right, we’re still passing the postage discount we receive from the U.S. Postal Service on to you! You can now mail for less when you choose the We Do It All checkout option. Here’s how it works:


EDDM 101. Every Door Direct Mail®  is a way to reach every household in a specified geography while taking advantage of lower postal rates. The postal services gives you lower rates because you do some of their work for them, like: 


  • Using a “simplified address” for mailpiece recipients (Postal Customer).
  • Mailpieces are counted, bundled, labeled for individual carrier routes and delivered to the local Post Office.


3 Ways to Do EDDM at Click2Mail. Every EDDM mailpiece you order from Click2Mail or Click2EDDM has the required indicia and simplified address printed on it. We give you three choices for bundling, labeling and mailing:


1. We Do It All —

We print, count, bundle and route-label your mailpieces, and send them via “open and distribute” to the local Post Office for delivery.

Discounted postage: $0.16 per piece.


2. Ready to Mail (Bundled) —

We print, count and bundle your mailpieces, then ship them to you along with the required USPS documentation. You drop them off at the Post Office and pay the postage there.

Postage: $0.183 per piece.


3. Do It Yourself —

We print your mailpieces, and then ship them to you along with complete preparation instructions and USPS documentation. You do the counting, bundling and route-labeling and take them to the local Post Office. Postage is paid at the post office.

Postage: $0.183 per piece.


You Get More, for Less. When you choose the We Do It All option, you don’t have to lift a finger … except to calculate how much in postage costs you’re going to save. (On a mailing of 10,000 pieces that’s $230!) Plus, all EDDM orders still receive FREE Priority Mail®  and tracking to the Post Office.


Ready to cash in on this fantastic opportunity? Get started at or And if you need any help, just give us a call at 866-665-2787 and we’ll talk you through it step by step.


* Postage is .16¢ per piece when you choose the We Do It All option from Click2Mail or Click2EDDM.