We are always striving to make direct mail even easier, faster, and more effective. Your input means a lot to us when we go to the drawing board to create new and improve existing products and services. You played a part in developing these new products in the Click2Mail lineup. Check them out:

Small-but-mighty 3.5” x 5” postcards 

It’s true that sometimes bigger is better – but not always. These 3.5” x 5” postcards, printed in black and white on one side, pack a punch. Very cost-effective, these postcards can be used to let your customers know that you moved or other contact information has changed, to promote your company to prospective customers, to stay top of mind with previous or existing customers, to promote an event or sale, or to prompt people to visit your website – among many other potential uses.

250 postcards for $85 – Same-as-a-Stamp

In addition to the traditional single-sided option for the 3.5” x 5” postcards we’re also now offering an even more cost-effective option. When you buy at least 250 of these Same-as-a-Stamp postcards, you pay just 34 cents apiece – that’s the same price of a postcard stamp. It’s like getting the printed postcard for free. The postcards are printed in black and white with your graphics and text on one side. On the other side with the addresses is a small ad for Click2Mail.

Because they’re so incredibly cost effective the promotional Same-as-Stamp postcards are great for that quick notification in between your regular campaign mailers. Maybe it’s an address change, a new hire, or a flash sale – whatever message you’re sending, these postcards are an easy, cost-effective way to stay top of mind with your customers and prospects. If you’re a mail newbie, these postcards make a great first test to see what you can achieve with direct mail.

Vertical split postcard 

More and more of you are embracing Mailing Online PRO and finding it to be more cost efficient than Mailing Online Classic, and even better – easier to use. Now in addition to your favorite Mailing Online Pro postcard layout options like double-sided postcards, photo postcards, and single-sided postcards you can send a 4.25″ x 6″ vertical split postcard.

The vertical split postcard is split down the middle on the front of the postcard, allowing you to include a picture or message along with the address. As always, you can design the back with whatever pictures or messages you would like. In other words, you get more messaging space – more bang! – for your buck.

At Click2Mail we are always looking to make mail even easier for you. Do you have any suggestions or ideas that you might like to see added or changed? Let us know by visiting us at https://click2mail.com/contact-us-support.