In our most recent series, Building a Winning Hand with Click2Mail, we introduced the King (content), the Queen (mailing list), and the Jack (products and services). To round out that winning hand we need an Ace – one that can tie the King, the Queen, and the Jack together for an integrated, effective direct mail marketing strategy. Read on to find out just how the Ace does that.


Why direct mail is a “winning hand” effective marketing strategy


It is actually because of – not despite – technology that direct mail plays an important role in today’s effective marketing strategies. Here’s why:

• Studies have shown that our brains actually react differently to print than to digital material. Because mail is tangible it enhances the way we perceive the information. 

• Your audience is overwhelmed by digital material. Email inboxes are flooded everyday with marketing material and it becomes overwhelming to sift through it all. 

• Direct mail has permanence. Where an email disappears, direct mail can sit on the kitchen table or stick to the refrigerator or even nest in the basket by the toilet for a long time. When your mail piece is present like that in a person’s home you, by extension, become part of their daily lives. Which means they remember you, they trust you – and they’re more likely to buy from you. 


Bringing your winning hand together 


Content is King. Great content engages your audience. When they’re engaged, they’re more likely to open your next mailer, pick up your phone call, open your email – and more likely to act on your offer. Great content builds the relationship between you and your customer. Done right, it establishes you as an expert in your industry. 

• TIP: Consistency is key in this kingdom! Consistency in your content, brand, and messaging is what enables you to strengthen your customer relationships and build trust over time.


Mailing list is Queen. What’s a King without his Queen? The mailing list is what gets your content to the right audience; without a good list, you could have the best content in the world and your campaign is likely to be unsuccessful. Fortunately, mailing lists are not expensive, and there’s lots to choose from with Click2Mail Mailing List Services. Once you’ve got a good list for new prospects, add to it your in-house list of existing customers and prospects.

• TIP: Your mailing list describes your target audience. Make sure it jives with your content. 


Jack – the Soldier of direct mail. The Jack has a very important job: he supports the King and Queen. Just like the Jack, our products and services stand behind your content and your mailing list. We offer a large variety of mailing products and we add new products to the lineup regularly – to make mail easier for you!  In addition, we go above and beyond to provide services including mobile marketing, integration tools, Email-to-Mail, and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)


So what is it that brings the King, Queen, and Jack together? The Ace of course, and that’s Click2Mail – your direct mail marketing secret weapon. With great content, a targeted mailing list, a range of products and services to match, and Click2Mail behind it all, it’s easy to create a cost-effective and results-generating direct mail marketing campaign. To get started today, visit