Did you know that there is a variety of resources available to answer questions you might have about Click2Mail products and services specifically, and direct mail and business mail in general? If you’ve got a question, we’ve got answers, which you can find:
1. On the Click2Mail YouTube channel – Here you’ll find tutorial and best practice videos on a range of topics including:
Click2Mail Letter Products
Certified Mail™ Order Process
Upload a Mailing List That Contains Property Address And Mailing Address Information
Managing Your Address Book in Mailing Online Pro (MOL PRO)
How to Use Click2Mail for Your Nonprofit Mailing
Click2Mail Rap Along
Viewing and Interpreting Intelligent Mail Barcode Information
How to View Tracking Information for Your Accountable Mail Orders
Understanding the Click2Mail Account Dashboard
How to Upload a Mailing List into Mailing Online Pro (MOL PRO)
How to Set Up a Merge Document in Mailing Online Pro (MOL PRO)
How to Upload a Document in Mailing Online Pro (MOL PRO)
How to Use MOL PRO from Click2Mail
Click2Mail.com Same-as-a-Stamp Postcards
2. In the Click2Mail Knowledge Base – Here, you’ll find articles on a range of frequently asked questions, on topics including:
Mailing Online Pro
Mail My Doc by Click2Mail
Easy Letter Sender
Remind Santa
Click2Mail Mailing Online
Mailing Online Quick Answers
Email to Mail
Obtaining a Mailing List – The Click2Mail Mailing List Center
Every Door Direct Mail
Click2Mail MailJack
Mobile Marketing
You can also submit a request for support ticket from the Knowledge Base
3. Online at https://click2mail.com/resources – Here you’ll find a range of articles and whitepapers on topics including:
Click2Mail Basics
Direct Mail Resources
Sign up for Direct Marketing e-Newsletter
Request White Papers
Mailing Ideas Blog
What’s New at Click2Mail
Samples & Special Offers
Click2Mail Product Specifications & Cost
Current Product Info Sheets (downloadable PDF)
Customer Support
2015 When to Mail Calendar
4. Via Live Chat online with Customer Support (Open during regular business hours.)
5. By calling Customer Service Support at 866-665-2787
2 sources of commonly asked questions
Two of the topics we get the most questions on are the transition from Mailing Online Classic to Mailing Online Pro and how to use our API to automate mailing:
Mailing Online Pro – There are lots of resources on the YouTube channel and Knowledge Base to help make it easy to transition from Mailing Online Classic to Pro. Now’s the time to do it, and there are lots of reasons why: Mailing Online Pro (MOL PRO) is more cost-effective; it’s more user-friendly; the editor is easier to use; and there are far more options for mailpiece formats and designs. We’re not adding new products to Classic, only Pro, and we plan to eventually shut down Classic. We recognize that change can be hard, so we’re here to help make the change easier. Please contact us if you need help moving your documents into MOL PRO.
APIs – Click2Mail offers three application programming interfaces (APIs) to customize and automate mailing processes. Plus, our integration services team can help you connect your document system to Click2Mail. 
At Click2Mail, our goal is to make mail easy. We do that in part through the products and services we offer, and in part through all the resources – many of which are listed above. Have a question you don’t see an answer to? Let us know!