We are living in a digital world, where if you give a four year-old your smart phone with no instructions or supervision, they’ll be beating your highest score on Candy Crush (and maybe sending a text or two) within minutes. But even in our digital world, print is still relevant. Many studies have shown that the mind actually perceives information differently when reading printed material versus reading digital material. 


While reading on paper there are certain tactile experiences you have that actually change how you comprehend the information. “There is physicality in reading,” says developmental psychologist and cognitive scientist Maryanne Wolf of Tufts University, “maybe even more than we want to think about as we lurch into digital reading – as we move forward perhaps with too little reflection. I would like to preserve the absolute best of older forms, but know when to use the new.” 


So all those who said that mail is dead in 2014, are dead wrong! In the spirit of Wolf’s call to “preserve the absolute best of older forms, but know when to use the new” here are some trends we’ll see in direct mail marketing this year:


Mobile integrationMobile marketing combines the best of the “old” with the best of the “new”. More than 60% of Americans own a smartphone or tablet and most of them use the device to work, check email, make online purchases, and surf the web. As a marketer, you need to meet customers and prospects where they’re at — and that is mobile. That’s why we offer a mobile website builder. For minimal cost, you can create a custom, user-friendly mobile website with a whole range of features, including: a QR code generator and tracker, social media integration, YouTube and Google mapping, site analysis, event calendar, and more. Once you have your mobile website created, you can take advantage of QR codes on your mailers. Simply include a QR code on any of your mailers and your recipients will be able to scan the code with their mobile device and be directed automatically to your mobile website. From there they can learn about your company, make purchases, connect with you via social media, and/or contact you directly. 


Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) – Many of our customers have found Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) to be a faster, easier way to market their business on a budget. Last year the USPS released a new enhancement tool that allows you to choose the mail carrier routes you wish to send to, based on average age, household size, and/or household income. For example, Megan knows that her customers are between the ages of 45 and 60. With the new EDDM enhancement tool she can go to the USPS website and choose mail carrier routes that have the highest number of residents between the ages of 45 and 60. Of course she will also have to send the mailers to every other home in those carrier routes, but she knows that the majority of the recipients fit within her demographic. 


Personalization – Personalization is a great way to engage with your customers on a personal level. There are many ways you can personalize your mailers: by using the recipient’s first name, by including images specifically targeted to the recipient’s demographic, by tying the mailer to a personal event (birthday, anniversary, etc.), among others. 

Direct mail continues to be an effective marketing tool – even in a digital world. To get started on your mailing campaign visit Click2Mail.com today.


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