Summer is winding down and you’re probably already thinking about your marketing plans for the busy season ahead. But that’s no reason to let your business slip out of sight … especially when there are some juicy opportunities to generate sales this month.

Simplify Your Life Week, August 1st-7th. If you offer a product or service that makes people’s lives easier, use this event to connect with your customers. Interior design/organizing services, restaurant coupons and personal finance consultations are just a few of the ideas that fit in perfectly.

In the spirit of Simplify Your Life Week, we’ve enhanced our Email-to-Mail service to add even more capability and convenience for you. Now, simply by sending an email, you can have us print and deliver:

Letters in black & white or color

Certified Mail with return receipt options

Priority Mail with or without signature confirmation

Need help setting up Email-to-Mail? Contact our crack team at and we’ll walk you through it.

Back to school. Vacation is over and kids (and their parents) are getting ready to go back to the grind. Major expenditures will be laid out on clothes, accessories, educational tools, electronics such as laptops, and dorm room furnishings. And not all of those purchases will be for the junior set. Ladies and gentlemen, how many of you are updating your fall wardrobes right now?

Pre-Labor Day. Make sure you’re top of shoppers’ minds when one of the year’s biggest sales holidays arrives. Start advertising in the third or fourth week of August that you’re moving out summer merchandise, from bathing suits to patio furniture. Big ticket items such as appliances and mattresses are popular buys. And savvy car shoppers are looking for deals on current year models before next years arrive in September.

Senior Citizens Day, August 21st. With all Baby Boomers — by far the largest segment of the U.S. population — now in the over-50 age group, there are huge marketing opportunities awaiting any business they patronize. You may already offer senior discounts year round, but how about a promotion to celebrate their own special day, increase traffic and build loyalty?

And remember, most people in this demographic don’t use email or social media much, if at all. Direct mail is definitely the better way to reach them.

August doesn’t have to be the dog days of your marketing calendar. A timely promotion that answers customers’ current needs can keep sales ticking along while you gear up for the 4th quarter.