About a year ago, the USPS mandated some changes to flyer self-mailers, which forced a change in our templates. Accommodating the change was a challenge for some of our customers, so we’ve developed a new template that would meet USPS requirements and enhance the benefits you’d come to love about flyer self-mailers. 


Now we’ve got exciting news: A new flyer self-mailer template that is USPS-approved and ready to rock. (But rest assured; the existing flyer self-mailer template is not going anywhere.)


5 benefits of flyer self-mailers  

  1. The new layout allows you to put marketing content on the address panel, which will entice people to open it – and get your message across even before they do
  2. Flyer self-mailers are a very cost effective format for sharing a lot of information and graphics 
  3. Flyer self-mailers can do everything a letter does, but without the envelope
  4. They’re simple to design and lay out
  5. They’re easy for your audience to read


How you can use flyer self-mailers 

Our customers use flyer self-mailers for many different reasons – to name a few: they had a limited budget; they had an existing, internal mailing list; or they were promoting a big sale. Here are more examples of how you can make flyer self-mailers work for your business.


One of the greatest attributes of the new flyer self-mailer layout is that you can design it with an image or message on the back address panel. This is a great benefit, because without even opening the flyer your audience gets a bit of your message. Plus, having an image or message on the back by the address (if done right) will entice your audience to open the flyer and get the whole message. For established companies, that visible back of the mailer is a great way to reinforce brand recognition. People will recognize your brand and want to open the flyer to see what you have to offer. 


Because of the graphic elements infused throughout a flyer self-mailer, they make it easy for the recipient to read or even scan and still get your message. Many of our customers use flyer self-mailers to promote sales; they can fit a lot of images to showcase the items on sale. For example, a landscaping professional and was holding a big summer promotion. Using the flyer self-mailer he included before and after pictures of some of his projects, quotes from previous clients, and pictures with messaging about special summer discounts.


Our customers have found that flyer self-mailers are ideal for newsletters, employee updates, short product catalogs, sales or promotions, and event announcements. They are easy to design and use, they are easy on your budget, and they are easy for your audience to digest. To get started on a new flyer self-mailer or to fix an existing one, visit us at Click2Mail.com anytime or call us at 866-665-2787.