In other words, what will your recipients respond to best at the start of the new year? Figure that out, and you’ll be well on your way to direct mail success.


New Year’s Resolutions. Do you offer a product or service that will help people achieve their goals? Now is the time to mail to them, while their enthusiasm is still fresh. Here are the most common resolutions: 

* Physical improvement. Lose weight, get in shape, quit smoking, eat healthy.
* Financial improvement. Pay down debt, stick to a budget, get a better job.
* Home improvement. Make repairs, get organized, buy a new house.
* Mental improvement. Take a trip, take a class, spend more time with family.


      Campaign Kickoff. Just like TV ads you see over and over, direct mail marketing is almost always more effective if it consists of multiple touches to your prospects. Mailing once a week or once a month throughout your campaign season can seriously improve your return on investment. Here are some ideas: 

      * A monthly Every Door Direct Mail savings coupon for residents in your area.
      * A series of postcards about your 2016 introductions and improvements.
      * A keep-worthy piece, such as a calendar on a rack card, that customers will look at all year.
      * A series of letters or flyers to current and past customers, reminding them that it’s time to renew your relationship.


            Holiday Wrap-up. Don’t lose touch with the people who responded to your marketing efforts in December. Capitalize on that investment with a brochure that highlights your services. For this group, it’s step 2 in your customer acquisition campaign, and a surefire way to get your name more firmly embedded in their memory.


            In- and Off-Season Promotions. If this is normally a slow time of year for you, get the cash register ringing with a discount offer. And if customers expect to find your products on sale now, make sure your store is the first one that comes to their minds. Here are some great classifications to mark down in January:

            * Home improvement products (see New Year’s Resolution #3 above). Tools, flooring, carpeting.
            * Domestics. White sales are traditionally held in January. Once limited to bedding and other home textiles, these days they often include housewares of all kinds.
            * Summer-related products. Warm weather apparel, outdoor furniture, sports equipment.
            * Electronics. The weeks before Super Bowl are the best time to advertise TVs.

                Possibly the best news of all for 2016: rumor has it that the price of first class stamps might be going down. We’ll keep you “posted”!


                So as you can see, January is a great month to mail. Even if your type of business can’t expect to profit from an immediate response, you can be laying the groundwork (and maximizing customer recognition) for your main marketing campaign. Let’s get started!