As you might imagine, cost efficiency is the driving force behind the important mail marketing developments of 2016. Let’s look at 5 ways you can get the biggest bang your direct mail buck in the year ahead.


1. Data-based targeting. While mass mailing to every door in a specific geography still has its place, many marketers will be refining their lists to those with proven best response rates. (After all, every mailpiece sent to someone who will never be interested in your offer is money down the drain.) And for that, you need to collect actionable data. Which zip code, message or customer demographic gave you the best return on your investment?


2. Comparative testing. Sometimes, in order to get the data mentioned in #1 above, you need to create two versions of your mailpiece and see which one pulls best. Offers, images and colors can all affect response rates; but to know which is the deciding factor you need to do what is known in the biz as A/B or split testing. (Click here to learn more on this topic.)


3. Deeper segmentation. Direct mail marketers will divide and sub-divide their mailing lists based on audience characteristics and behaviors (again, enabled by improved data collection). They will then use this information to tailor their mailpieces according to what each segment is most likely to respond to. With variable data digital printing, it’s easy to create numerous variations, and even personalize each piece with recipient names.


4. Mail-to-digital crossovers. Data collection is just one of the reasons that more and more direct mailpieces will include a QR code that takes customers to a mobile website with a simple point and shoot of their smartphone. The other reason is that the Internet is how the vast majority of today’s buyers shop or obtain information, and including this feature can cause response to skyrocket.


5. Postage savings. You may not be able to control postal rates, but you can reduce the amount of time you spend dealing with mail delivery — time that would be better put into profit-making activities. When you work with Click2Mail, we take care of hassles such as buying a bulk mail permit and complying with postal requirements. Plus, as a partner of the US Postal Service, we can pass on standardized address discounts to our customers. 


Possibly the best news of all for 2016: no increase in the price of first class postage! Don’t worry, we’ll keep you “posted” on any changes to that.