Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a great tool that allows you to mail to every address within certain carrier routes for a low price. It allows you to get your name/brand out to the masses and stay within your budget. 


Right now, the USPS is offering a special discount for first-time EDDM users. From now until December 31, 2014, the USPS is issuing certificates for either $50 off (for mailings with postage of $350 or more) or $100 off (for mailings of $750 or more) on your first EDDM campaign. 


Who is eligible for the discount

• First-time EDDM mailers. (The customer must have not used EDDM before, whether through Click2Mail or anywhere else.)


• Customers must have a valid Customer Registration ID (CRID). (Register for a free CRID from through the USPS Business Gateway.)


How it works:


1. Visit the USPS EDDM website and use the USPS mapping tool to select your routes and download the necessary paperwork


2. Once you get your CRID, call 1-855-559-0438 and a USPS sales person will help you get your certificate for either $50 or $100 off. When you call, you need to have:


• The number of pieces you will be mailing

• The zip codes and carrier routes you are mailing to 

• Your CRID number

• Your email address


3. It takes 24 hours for the USPS to issue the certificate. Once you get your certificate you should call Click2Mail Customer Service Support for help placing your order. (You will need to email us a valid certificate at the time of mailing to get the discount. If you do not have a valid certificate at the time of mailing you will not receive the discount.)


Got questions? We’ve got answers


Q: Can the customer pay for postage online at the USPS EDDM website and get the discount? 

A: Yes. If they do that, the USPS website will automatically deduct the amount from their qualifying order. They must still upload the postal paperwork on the Click2Mail website and select the option that they have already paid postage online. The postal paperwork you receive from the USPS will have a special barcode that shows that you have received the credit and that you have already paid postage.


Q: Can I get a refund if I pay for postage online at the USPS EDDM website?

A: Yes. The refund is made by the USPS (not Click2Mail) since the USPS was paid for the postage.


Q: I did an EDDM order several months ago; can I take advantage of this special offer?

A: Unfortunately, no. Only first time EDDM users with a valid CRID may qualify for this program. If you have questions about qualifying for the special postage coupon, please contact the USPS at 1-855-559-0438.


Q: My postal paperwork and my CRID don’t match the coupon the USPS sent me for the coupon promotion; can I still use it?

A: No. This special promotion from the USPS requires that the CRID matches on the USPS EDDM paperwork and on the certificate that the USPS issues to the customer. If you have questions about why the CRIDs do not match or if you need assistance getting a coupon please call 855-559-0438.


Q: Can I use this postage credit on other Click2Mail mailings like on a regular postcard mailing?

A: No. This promotion is good only on first time EDDM orders. The postage credit cannot be applied to any other orders or applied as credit to your Click2Mail account.


Q: Whom do I call if I have questions about this program?

A: Call our Customer Service Support at 866.665.2787 for additional questions and support.


Q: When does this promotion expire?

A: This program runs through 12/31/14. So take advantage of it now!


Q: Can Click2Mail issue me the EDDM coupon?

A: No. Only postal representatives may issue the coupon and it is only good for first-time EDDM users.


If you’ve thought about trying Every Door Direct Mail for your direct mail marketing, there’s no better time than now. For help getting started, call Click2Mail at 866.665.2787 Mon-Fri, 9am-8pm EST.