Mailing Online Pro is a great tool to get your mail campaign off the ground quickly and efficiently – and getting better. We’ve been making some behind the scene enhancements that will allow us to add even more features and functionality to Mailing Online Pro that will make your experience even easier and more efficient. 


Most recently we’ve added these features to Mailing Online Pro: 


Copy, Cut & Paste

Many users like to create their mail pieces using Microsoft Word, and need an easy way to transfer their content to Click2Mail. Now, using the Mailing Online Pro Editor, you can simply copy or cut and paste from Word or any other external source and have your mailer ready in no time!


Plus, you still have the option to create your mailpiece entirely within the Pro online editor – simply choose the format that you prefer.


Email Notifications

Ever wonder if your mail piece has been printed yet? Or when it was mailed? Wonder no more! Now you can receive email notifications when your job goes into production and when it’s complete. No more wondering about the status of your mailing – with email notifications, you’re always in the loop.


Upgraded Address System

When business is booming, you need more capacity to mail to more customers. We couldn’t agree more! It’s why we’ve upgraded our Mailing Online Pro address system to improve performance and mail list handling. Not only can you upload much larger mail lists, they will now import much faster – which means less turnaround time for your projects. 


Have you switched to Mailing Online Pro?

Right now Click2Mail has two user options: Mailing Online Classic and Mailing Online Pro. Currently you can use either system; however, over the year we will be migrating all of our products and services over to Mailing Online Pro. Mailing Online Pro offers a more user-friendly experience with greater functionality – and, even better, at a lower price. Get ahead of the game and make the switch from Classic to Pro; it’s a snap, and we can help!


At Click2Mail it is our mission to “make mail easy” for our customers and we are working all the time to make it even easier. If you have questions about these new updates or you would like help moving your Classic account to Mailing Online Pro, visit or call us at 866-665-2787.