School is back in session, autumn is in the air, and the madness of summer is drawing to a close. September quietly signifies the beginning of the holiday season. September  tends be a time to strategize, plan, and lay down the groundwork for the work that will be done the rest of the year. Whether it’s a school group planning fundraisers and booster programs, or your office prepping for the holiday rush, September is a time to look forward. 


Local Festivals and School Events

From religious organizations to school groups to small town harvest pride, all across the US communities find a reason to gather and celebrate in the fall. Every Door Direct Mail is a great way to make sure that you reach every home in the community with information about your upcoming event. Send out a flyer with event details or a postcard with a coupon to be used the day of the event. 


Booster Groups

September is a common time for school to begin fundraising efforts and booster programs. School groups could send a catalog or booklet to families in the district listing ways to get involved, products to purchase, or other ways to help the school out. Managing your mailing list on Click2Mail is easy and efficient, without a single paper getting lost in a locker. 


Plan Your Holiday Mailing

Don’t forget, with Click2Mail you can schedule mailings up to 120 days in advance. This makes September a perfect time to start organizing, planning and looking at your holiday mailing schedule. Now is a great time to update your mailing list and make sure you are able to reach all of the right people and not wasting time or money on invalid addresses. 


Use the experiences of the last couple of years to lead your marketing efforts this year. Was there a lull at a certain point in the season? This year, plan a postcard mailing to invite your best customers to a pre-season event. 


Track the marketing pieces you send this year to help set yourself up for success next year. Trying something new is easy and fun with Click2Mail. Send a self-mailer and monitor how your customers respond to it. 


So while the calendar may say “fall,” it’s time to start thinking “Jingle Bells,” hot cocoa and examining what your well thought out approach to the holidays mailing season can do for your business this year. Click2Mail can help be a key to your success!