Mailing Online Pro allows you to easily upload documents and images, choose your mailing layout, create, preview, and submit your final mailer, and upload and make changes to your mailing list. Once you submit the final draft of your mailer through Mailing Online Pro, we get to work – printing, prepare, and mailing. The Mailing Online Pro system is designed to make mail easy for you, making connecting with your customers and prospects through mail marketing easy.

Mailing Online Pro is a great way to get your mail campaign off the ground quickly and efficiently. We know how valuable your time is and how important it is for mail to be easy; so we’ve made a few changes to the system to make it even easier and more efficient for you to use.

Changes made in the new Mailing Online Pro

One of the biggest changes we’ve made is to the editor. The new editor allows you to select your product (postcards, letters or flyers), choose your design and layout, upload graphics and images, add text, and click to mail. From start to finish you can create your mailer completely online!

  1. The new system is faster and easier to use and navigate.
  2. You can now upload Microsoft PowerPoint, Publisher, and Open Office documents.
  3. Personalizing your mailers through Mailing Online Pro is easier and in beta phase (but please give it a try and give us your feedback).
  4. Don’t have time to finish your mailer? Don’t worry, you can now save the job and come back later to finish.
  5. Campaign management is made easier by allowing you to have several different mail pieces or types of mailers grouped into campaigns. You can plan your campaigns ahead of time and keep them all organized.
  6. You can now upload even more types of delimitated file formats including comma, pipe, semi-colon, and tab.
  7. Even lower production costs.

Mailing Online Pro makes mail marketing as easy as 1-2-3. It allows you to increase your efficiency while decreasing your cost and allows you to focus more on the things that matter most in your company. To learn more about how Mailing Online Pro can help you decrease your costs and increase your productivity, please contact us at 866.665.2787 or by visiting us at