For many retailers, the holidays account for a significant portion – often 20-40% – of their total annual revenue. For them, it is a make-it-or-break-it season, which makes direct mail marketing incredibly important. At the same time, consumers are getting more mail than any other time of the year. So direct mail is more important, and it’s harder to stand out. To help, we’ve put together a set of tips you can use to create a direct mail campaign that makes an impression on your customers and increases your marketing effectiveness. 


Three tips for direct mail marketing during the holidays


1. Be creative. You are not the only company taking advantage of the holiday season; in fact, yours will likely be one in a stack of holiday mailers that consumers find in their mailboxes each day. To stand out and succeed, you’ve got to capture recipients’ attention and engage them right away. Choose catchy phrases, bright colors, and fun images without erasing the brand recognition that you’ve already developed with your customers. For example, one of our customers created a postcard with an image of a holiday tree decorated with their company colors and logo. It was a great way to incorporate their brand into a holiday message for their customers. 


2. Give back. The holiday season is about giving, after all. Show your customers how much you appreciate their business by offering them special discounts, freebies, and gifts. This will keep them coming back to your store or website and will encourage them to purchase more. Even more importantly, giving back will strengthen your relationship with your customers – a crucial component of success. 


3. Mail often. Because there is so much competition in the mailbox around this time of year, staying at the top of your customers’ minds is really important. Develop a mailing plan for this holiday season now to incorporate your planned special events, promotions, and discounts. Offer something different in each mailer. For example, in the first mailer offer 20% off their entire purchase and in the next, offer a buy one get one deal. Make small tweaks to your campaign to keep your customers engaged, but remember to be consistent with your brand – stay consistent in your colors, themes, and overall message. 


The holidays are a perfect time to take advantage of the power of direct mail marketing. By following these three steps you can turbo charge the effectiveness of your holiday mailers. Make sure you are prepared and get started on your campaign today. For more information on direct mail marketing for the holidays you can reach us 24/7 at or by phone at 1-866-665-2787.