To remain effective in an ever-changing marketplace, your marketing strategy needs to be regularly analyzed and updated. April is a good month to do that, especially if your busy season is the summer.


If you are experiencing diminishing returns from your direct mail, you need to find out why ASAP. Here are some of the more common reasons we’ve seen.


Non-existent marketing plan. The business sends out a mailpiece whenever someone happens to have an idea for one. It might even get lucky and be successful now and then, but because it’s based on a short-term tactic rather than a long-term strategy, this business is more likely to win the battle but lose the war.


Marketing plan not followed. As in the previous reason, someone had an idea or reacted to a specific situation and went off on a tangent. Result: confused customers and damaged brand identity. This business forgot that the marketing plan had been determined as offering the best chance for long-term success. If this action was based on perceived failure of the marketing plan, then it’s time to change the plan, not abandon it.


Changed market and/or business. The company has not taken into account that customer wants and needs, as well as the product and service it’s delivering, are no longer accurately represented by its old marketing materials. This business needs to analyze response data and get input from its sales and customer service teams to find out what should be updated going forward.


Copycat strategy. The business has simply imitated a successful strategy run by the competition. But if customers can’t even tell the two apart, why would they switch? They need a differentiator, why one is better than the other: unique product features, faster delivery, friendlier service, longer warranty or whatever. Otherwise, that business will find itself having to compete on the basis of lowest price.


Each business is unique and will have its own route to an updated, optimally effective marketing plan. Modifications could range from a revised mailing list to a new visual design. If you would like our expert opinion on any aspect of your direct mail marketing, please don’t hesitate to call.