Want your mailpieces delivered even faster … guaranteed? Click2Mail is proud to announce that we now offer the U.S. Postal Service’s fastest service, and the only one with a money back guarantee.

Yes, there’s a significant difference in postage rates between Priority Mail Plus® and Priority Mail Express®. But if you have documents to send that are critically time sensitive, or you want to deliver maximum impact with your marketing mailpiece, Priority Mail Express is the way to go.

Not sure which service you need? Let’s look at the differences.

  Priority Mail Plus®    Priority Mail Express®
Delivery Schedule    1-3 business days    1-3 business days
Guaranteed on-time delivery    No    Yes
USPS tracking    Yes    Yes
Delivery confirmation    Yes    Yes
Signature confirmation    Add for fee    Add for no cost
Carrier insurance    Up to $100 domestic    Up to $100 domestic
Forwarding and return    Yes (no cost)    Yes (no cost)


Note that with Priority Mail Plus, the USPS says it will usually deliver your mail within the specified time.  But with Priority Mail Express, delivery is guaranteed. If the post office fails to make that delivery date, you can get a refund on your postage fees.


When speed is the top priority, either of these two options is a good choice, depending on the nature of what you’re mailing. When security is the first concern, we recommend that you send your document by Certified Mail®.  


And all these classes of mail look impressive on arrival, which means they’re much more likely to be seen and opened by the recipient.