Social media marketing is the new wonder kid on the block. But one of the best ways to maximize its effectiveness is to use an old faithful: Direct Mail. Here are some ways to get them playing well together.


Mailpiece to gain followers. The purpose of this piece is to get recipients to visit your social media pages (FaceBook, Twitter, etc.), and then hopefully share them with their own networks of friends. In this way you can extend your reach far beyond the mailing list.


• Offer an incentive for likes and shares on your social pages. 

• Promote a Twitter hashtag for your business or marketing campaign.

• Invite comments or photo submissions.


Mailpiece to reward followers. This is where you capitalize on all the new sales leads you’ve acquired through social media. Given Click2Mail’s practically endless variable data capabilities, it’s easier than ever to use consumer information captured online to precision-target each individual (something social media marketing can’t do). 


• Tell a friend, get a discount.

• Preferred customer sale.

• Loyalty reward program.


Social media follow-up. Once direct mail has expanded your audience, keep them coming back with frequent posts and tweets. A constantly evolving presence is the secret to online marketing success.


• Announce new products or daily specials.

• Solicit conversations about current events.

• Share expert knowledge.


When social media and direct mail marketing work together, the results can be incredible. If you’d like help designing your integrated campaign, talk to us. We’re here for you!