In this four-part series, we’ll look at various aspects of marketers’ and consumers’ favorite format, and how to do it without overdoing it.
For Part 1, let’s review the top reasons why postcards are great for just about every type of communication between a business and its customers or prospects.
1. Most cost effective. With lower postage rates than envelopes or fliers, a postcard mailing is within reach of nearly every marketing budget. It allows you to touch your customers more often for the same spend.
– Click2Mail’s Same-as-a-Stamp Postcard gives you a combined printing AND mailing cost that’s the same as first class postcard postage alone.
2. Easiest to create. Designing a postcard is simpler than any other format, which cuts your production time. 
– At Click2Mail, you can set up an entire campaign where a series of postcards are printed and mailed with just a few clicks of your mouse.
3. Fastest turnaround time. Not only are postcards quick to design, they’re quick to print and mail. That means fast results: you can expect a sales jump 2 or 3 days after mailing.
– At Click2Mail, postcard orders placed by 8 p.m. ET are mailed the next business day. (Don’t forget you can schedule your postcard mailings up to 180 days in advance, too!)
4. Easiest to read. Consumers love postcards because they require minimal effort to mentally process; in fact, postcards enjoy a nearly 100% read rate. In other words, your postcard is much more likely to be read and acted on than other marketing channels.
5. Superior retention. Because they take up so little space and can be comprehended at a glance, postcards get hung onto longer and more frequently than other types of mailpieces. Stuck on a refrigerator door or office wall, one postcard delivers multiple impressions, whether it’s a promotional offer or an event reminder.
6. Great for testing. Thanks to their fast production time and low mailing costs, postcards are the vehicle of choice for testing mailing lists, markets and messaging. And the results can be quickly and accurately measured because 90% of a postcard’s total response is usually generated within 7 to 10 days.
Next month in Part 2, we’ll talk about postcard design, and how to create a simple, powerful message that delivers the biggest bang for your buck.