It’s a time for evaluating the past and making new plans for the future. That includes developing your strategy and schedule for direct mailings throughout the year.


Like every other marketing channel, direct mail success is best achieved through repetition. One viewing of a TV ad, one email or one postcard, it’s almost never enough to convert the sale. But after customers have seen your message several times, it’s fixed in their minds and they’re ready to take action.


Why use this channel? There are some good reasons besides simply being the most practical when broadcast’s cost is too high and email’s ROI is too low.


  • Better targeting. Unlike broadcast, direct mail doesn’t waste money sending your message to people who will never be interested. If your customers are in a particular niche, you simply buy a mailing list with only those people on it. If you want to reach everyone in a specific geographical area, you use Every Door Direct Mail and select just the postal carrier routes that fit your need.


  • More personal. Ironically, the more digital our world becomes, the less value people place on the marketing messages they receive through email or PPC ads. Plus, digital ads are so much easier to miss; one click and they’re gone before the target even saw what they were about. If your business is based on personal service and trust, your customers will appreciate hearing from you through direct mail.


  • Longer life. A message in almost every other channel, from broadcast to billboards, only stays in front of the customer’s eyes for a few seconds. A direct mailpiece is a physical presence in the house, requiring greater engagement. If you include a feature of value, such as a coupon, it may stick around for months.


Stand out in the mailbox. For the reasons above, among many others, you may find that your competition in the direct mail arena is trending back up again. One great way to get noticed is with an oversized piece, such as a jumbo postcard.


Start your 2017 plan with our calendar. Click here to download a free PDF of the Click2Mail 2017 Calendar. In it, you’ll find the major holidays for promotions, greetings, and reminders, as well as some fun ones to build a unique marketing message around.


The best is yet to come. Stay tuned for new products and services we’ll be rolling out to make your direct mail marketing easier than ever in 2017!