Any time of the year is a good time for insurance brokers to use mail for marketing or business purposes. Whether you need to send a renewal notice or you want to promote your services, Click2Mail has you covered. Read on for some ideas of how other insurance brokers have used Click2Mail, and how you can, too.

Business Mail for renewal reminders – Molly’s story

One way that you can use mail is for renewal notices to your clients. Take Molly for example. Molly knew that if she informed her clients before their policies were about to expire, they were much more likely to renew with her. She heard about Click2Mail through a colleague and started using our mail services right away.

Molly set up an alert in her CRM database to notify her 45 days before a customer’s policy is set to expire. When she gets the notice, she logs into Click2Mail where she has a renewal notice template saved in her Mailing Online Pro account. Molly uses the template to create a personalized letter for the policyholder. If the customer doesn’t renew within 30 days, Molly sends another letter 10 days before the policy expiration date.

Before Click2Mail, Molly found that her customers had a hard time remembering when their policy was due for renewal. Now, more customers renew – and thank her for providing a reminder.

Direct mail marketing for new customers – Ned’s story

In addition to Business Mail, insurance brokers also take advantage of Click2Mail to market their services. Take Ned for example. Ned provides customers with home, auto, and renters insurance. His company just launched new discounts for customers with multiple items on the same policy – people with more than one vehicle, or people who use both home and auto insurance, for example.

Ned sent a mailer out to his existing customers, and many of them were excited to take advantage of the bundling discount. But Ned also needed a way to advertise the new deals to new customers. Using Click2Mail, he purchased a consumer mailing list to send a 4.25 x 6 postcard to homeowners in the month of their vehicle insurance renewal. He was thrilled by the number of new customers he brought on.

Direct mail marketing to advertise a new firm – Amy’s story

Like Ned, Amy also wanted to reach new customers. A veteran in the industry, she had just branched out on her own and opened her own firm in an area that she hadn’t previously served. Now she needed clients! She wanted to send a marketing mailer to potential clients in this new area, to advertise the new office and the services they provide.

Amy decided to use Click2Mail’s Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). She sent 8.5” x 12” postcards to carrier routes within a 20-mile radius. Just three months after opening Amy met her new client goal and is currently working on a mail campaign for the rest of the year.

These are a just a few ways that insurance brokers use our services, but the options are endless. No matter what time of year it is, using mail for marketing or business purposes is easy and cost effective with Click2Mail. Visit for a full year’s worth of mailing ideas.