Love is in the air! Take advantage by taking your customer relationships to the next level (or getting them back on track). Check out these red hot tips for making your customers love you:

Create an emotional connection. Break through their same-old-same-old fatigue with a new way of contacting them. If you normally send eblasts, try direct mail instead. Even — or perhaps especially — in today’s digital world, a postcard, coupon or letter makes them feel more valued.

Demonstrate that you have the same or similar values. if they are health nuts, show them your company has the same goal keeping the healthy)

Create lasting value. Send a “keeper” mailpiece that will remind them of you every time they look at it. It could be beautiful artwork, an insightful message or something with long-term usefulness, like a calendar, tip sheet or recipe.

Show you appreciate their loyalty. You want them to love you? Let them know you love them! Reward them with an exclusive discount or offer, or just say a heartfelt thank you.

Every good relationship needs a little mystery. Keep customers guessing — and interested —  by sending them a series of postcards that when put together reveal a secret message or savings opportunity.

Feature them in a promotional piece. Invite customers to share a success story or positive experience they’ve had with your business. People love to see themselves in print; and the customer testimonial is one of the most reliably effective marketing strategies of all time. Win-win!

We’re going to use that last tip ourselves, right now. Do you have a great story about your direct mail success with Click2Mail? We’d love to feature it in our own marketing materials. If you’re interested, please visit We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!