There are many benefits to sending Certified Mail. You get a receipt of mailing and proof of delivery; plus you can see the name and signature of the person who accepted the mail. You can even require the addressee to sign for the package with the Restricted Delivery service. For those reasons, Certified Mail is a requirement in many businesses – for example, for doctors, lawyers, and accountants.

When you do it yourself, sending Certified Mail can be a time-consuming process.

Not so with Click2Mail, where sending Certified Mail has never been easier:

  • No more printing out documents
  • No more filling out paperwork
  • No more stamps, permits, or trips to the Post Office
  • Easy online creation, tracking, and record-keeping
  • No minimum quantities
  • High volume capacity

How Click2Mail’s Certified Mail service has worked for others:

  • Carla is a family law attorney. Almost every piece of mail that she sends has to be Certified Mail. She found herself visiting the Post Office at least once every day to drop off her mail – and most days she had to wait in line for 20 minutes or more. Once she started using Click2Mail’s Certified Mail service, Carla was able to focus more time on her clients and cases and less time at the Post Office.
  • Gary is a tax accountant, and like Carla has to send much of his mail via Certified Mail. He was spending at least 5 hours a week just sending mail; and in April, it’s worse: Gary found himself running to the Post Office multiple times a day while still seeing clients, filling out paperwork, and putting files together. Last tax season Gary decided to use Click2Mail to send his Certified Mail and was able to focus more time on the work that really matters – preparing tax returns for his clients. Gary no longer has to print out the paperwork himself, so he saves on paper and ink, too. He no longer has to address the paperwork or take it to the Post Office; Click2Mail does it all for him. Even his clients noticed a difference in his stress level from previous years.
  • Jeff is the CEO of a home and auto insurance company. They have over 5,000 customers and send a lot of their mail via Certified Mail. Jeff was looking for a way to save paper, time, and money when he found Click2Mail. His employee and customer satisfaction increased greatly and he saw a dramatic difference in his finances. “Switching to Click2Mail eliminated so much stress from the work environment and allowed all of our employees to concentrate more on priority tasks,” Jeff says.

Click2Mail can help you too! Sending Certified Mail is easy with Click2Mail. To learn more and/or to get started visit, call 866-665-2787 or visit