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Click2Mail and the Changing U.S. Postal Service

Jan 12, 2010

The U.S. Postal Service has been making news recently, and not only because Mother Theresa and Katharine Hepburn will grace its stamps in 2010.  We also see headlines like “Can the Postal Service be Saved?” causing many to wonder how changes at the post office will affect their businesses.

When it comes to direct mail, Click2Mail is committed to its partnership with the U.S. Postal Service and to keeping you informed about the changes going on there – and how those changes will affect the way that you communicate with your customers and prospects.  So let’s take a look at some of the potential changes at the USPS that have been in the news lately and how Click2Mail is poised to respond:

No more Saturday mail?  One of the USPS’ money-saving proposals is to end Saturday mail delivery, which it estimates would save $3.5 billion each year (the Postal Regulatory Commission estimates that ending Saturday delivery would save $2 billion).  Some argue that eliminating six-days-a-week mail delivery would end the Postal Service’s last competitive advantage; others argue that there is simply not enough demand to continue to deliver mail on Saturday.

Either way, Click2Mail will continue to work closely with the Postal Service to ensure that your mail is delivered as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.  The fact that we’ll print and mail your Priority Mail Plus order the same day if we receive it by noon EST means you can still get mail delivered ASAP.  Plus, you can pre-schedule your mailings up to 180 days in advance with Click2Mail and use our Delivery Estimator so that your mail is delivered when you want it to be (even if it’s not on Saturday).

Post office closings?  In an effort to balance its revenues and expenditures, the Postal Service has on one hand raised postage rates – the USPS is wholly financed through fees for its services.  On the other hand, it has implemented a number of changes to operate more efficiently, including closing post offices that are not heavily used. 

That may mean some postal customers will have to drive farther to the nearest post office, but with Click2Mail, you create and “send” your direct mail right from your PC – and we are “open” 24 hours a day!  And no matter which post office locations might have closed, you still get the same 2-5 day delivery for all of the First-Class mail you send through Click2Mail.

Privatization?  Contrary to popular belief, the post office is not a government agency and doesn’t receive direct government subsidies.  But it’s not a fully private corporation in two important ways: first, no other mail carrier is allowed to deliver First-Class mail; and second, major changes (like switching to a five-day mail week) are subject to Congressional approval.

Even former U.S. Postmaster General William Henderson has advocated privatization.  He wrote in the Washington Post: “Privatization may seem far-fetched, but it’s not. For all intents and purposes, the U.S. Postal Service is already a corporation.”  Whether privatization is on the horizon for USPS and competition for First-Class mail delivery, rest assured that Click2Mail is committed to offering you the most efficient, cost-effective mailing services available.

More postage rate increases?  The Postal Service has increased postage rates every year since 2006: from 37 cents to 39 cents on January 8, 2006; to 41 cents on May 14, 2007; to 42 cents on May 12, 2008; and to 44 cents on May 11, 2009.  But the USPS announced that there will not be a price increase for First-Class or Standard Mail in 2010.  And with Click2Mail, you always save – now more than 13 percent on the delivery of a First-Class letter.

As a trusted and accredited affiliate partner of the USPS – the world’s largest and longest-serving organization dedicated to the delivery of mail – Click2Mail is well positioned to keep you up-to-date on the changes happening there and how you might be affected.  Most of all, we’re committed to providing you with easy, affordable, effective direct mail services.